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Even Grown-Ups Like Stories

My sweet spot is telling tales about the ordinary challenges of life--like how you figure out what you want to be when you grow up or how to adjust to being somebody's mother.

More recently, as my nest has started to empty, I've been pondering how to best parent nearly-grown children.

Maybe your own mother never talked to you about any of these dilemmas, but I'm happy to share what I've discovered.

Topics suitable for 20-somethings

Finding Your Dream Job When You Don't Know What You Want to Be When You Grow Up: Choosing the major, let alone the career, that's right for you may be harder than you expected. How to discover the clues pointing you to the career path you are most likely to love.

The First Job 411: Spoiler alert for recent and soon-to-be grads: The working world may not be as welcoming as you hoped. This what-to-expect rundown will gently prepare you to face reality. What expectations might be unrealistic? What do you do if you hate your first job? How exactly do you find your way to your dream job from your starter job? 

Things Your Mother Should Have Told You About Having It All: Many young women are haunted by a mystery: How exactly do you go about assembling a life that has it all—a career, love and marriage, and eventually children—especially when these #goals don’t always play nicely together? Discover strategies for crafting the life of your dreams.

Topics suitable for parents at the grown-and-flown stage of parenting

Welcome to the Obsolete Parents Club: Feeling like the Maytag repairman these days because your nearly-grown children don't need you as much anymore? Some ideas for navigating the trickiest stage of parenting--when you have to figure out when and how to let go.

The Ultimate Lovely Parting Gift for Your Soon-to-Be Graduate: Looking to improve your young adult child's prospects for future success and happiness? Discover why planned obsolescence is the greatest gift you can give.

Things Your Nearly-Grown Children Wish You Would Tell Them: Real life doesn’t resemble the highlight reels featured on social media. How sharing the behind-the-scenes stories of your young adult life can help prepare your teens and 20-somethings to face the realities of becoming a grown-up.


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